Introducing Two Thirsty Men, Scotland’s newest craft beer brewery image
26th August 2016

Introducing Two Thirsty Men, Scotland’s newest craft beer brewery

We are proud to present Scotland’s newest craft brewery, Two Thirsty Men and our debut craft beers, No. 74 and Spey IPA. Our small batch beer is lovingly brewed in Grantown-on-Spey, and is made from pure Highland water for a truly authentic Scottish craft beer.

Co-founded by Frazer Blyth and Colin Stobie, the concept for Two Thirsty Men was born out of a mutual love of beer, and its inception can be traced back to one of the many nights spent drinking whisky and praising craft beers. With the wheels of creativity nicely oiled by a few drams, the decision was made to open our very own craft beer brewery.

Fast forward around 12 months, and with no small amount of hard work, a collaborative vision and much appreciated help from friends, our idea was realised. With two delicious beers to our name, we can proudly say we are craft beer brewers. Our No. 74 amber ale, rich in colour and flavour, tastes fruity with slight spicy notes and a hint of orange. And our Spey IPA continues the citrus theme with a flutter of lemon and spicy aromas. The first sip of our craft beers was well worth the wait.

But this is just the first leg of our brewing journey. In pursuit of truly quenching our thirst for delicious beer, we’ve tasked ourselves with creating more excellent, authentic craft beer using the finest ingredients sourced from in and around the Grantown-on-Spey area.

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